Eat & Drink

Savor an array of tantalizing flavors at our on-site bistro Restaurant,, and Market Café.

Fresh ingredients and detailed craftsmanship come together to produce exceptional cuisine.

Enjoy a daily breakfast and dinner menu, featuring any-way-you-want-it omelets, mouth-watering burgers, crisp salads and local favorites. Complete your meal with a glass of premium wine or your favorite cocktail prepared by our friendly bar staff. Prefer an ice-cold glass of craft beer? The curated selection of beers on tap are there to quench your thirst.


Full breakfast menu or our complimentary continental breakfast consisting of:

  • Freshly made muffins
  • Freshly made bagels with spreads
  • Fruit
  • Juice
  • Coffee and tea from our coffee bar


Freshly prepared coffee, espresso and tea beverages are complimentary at our coffee bar.

FRENCH ROAST | This Costa Rican Terrazu is dark roasted to create a rich and bold cup of coffee with low acidity

COLOMBIAN SUPREMO |  A classic South American coffee bean, roasted light to promote subtle sweetness and balanced acidity

SWISS WATER DECAF COLOMBIAN |  100% naturally decaffeinated using Swiss Water Process and 99.99% caffeine free coffee, this Decaf

COLOMBIAN SUPREMO | retains the full flavor of the natural bean

Other Drinks:

Half Caff Coffee Half and Half of either of the regulars and the decaf
Long Espresso A Double Espresso, rich and smooth
Vanilla Latte Creamy vanilla latte with your choice of coffee
Mocha Latte Chocolaty latte with your choice of coffee
Vanilla Mocha Latte Chocolate and vanilla latte with your choice of coffee
Vanilla Mocha Vanilla hot chocolate without coffee
French Vanilla Hot vanilla drink without coffee
Hot Chocolate
Hot Water for tea